2014: 7.  I Feel Bad About My Neck

 I Feel Bad About My Neck, Nora Ephron

I've been grumping around my office, in light of my upcoming surgery (its happening Monday, and then there is a long recovery, which is all to the benefit of this blog*), so my friend Sharon lent me this book as a pick me up.  And it worked! No need to tell you that Nora Ephron is delightful, but, duh, Nora Ephron is delightful.  This is a collection about aging, and Sharon thought it might not speak to me, but it did.  I'm still ok with my neck, but I loved her life lessons chapters, and I just loved listening to her talk.  The essay about various cookbooks had me rolling in the aisles.  And even though she kept making cracks at D.C. at the expense of New York, we can forgive her, because her then-husband Carl Bernstein left her when she was living her, and plus, D.C. was probably pretty damn grim in the 1970's.  Anyway, its just a collection of observational essays, and I can't say too much more without just quoting them - but if you like Ephron (and who doesn't she was a funny, charming writer - she wrote When Harry Met Sally  for crying out loud), you will love this collection.  AND it worked - I was much less grumpy once it was done!


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