2012: 21. Y: The Last Man, Volume One

"Something's wrong."

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1, Brian Vaughn et. al.

       Another great graphic novel/comic book that I took out of the library, really enjoyed, and then neglected to pick up the sequel too.  Maybe my 2012 book resolution should be better use of interlibrary loan?  

      Anyway, the book has a killer premise (frightening*, but killer) - all the men on earth suddenly die, and society falls apart.  Some women try to make society, others become warring Amazons, but it's basically anarchy.   And then, all of a sudden, one last man is found alive - and there you go.  The story is GREAT - I couldn't put it down. And I cannot explain why I haven't read the rest.  I need to get on that, pronto.  Very,  very entertaining (with the caveat in the footnote, but that's mostly my issues, I think).

Categories:  Fiction, Graphic Novel, Library Book 

*In the opening pages a mom freaks out because both of her sons die in front of her, and, honestly I almost put the book down and walked away from it.  Too close to home, and becoming a mom has made horrible premises seem realer and hard for me to waive my hands past and read on.  There are whole swaths of books that I no longer want to read at all.  This wasn't one, in the end, but strangely, when I think back about the book, that opening scene, which was really just a throw-away is the part that I can't forget.  

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