2012: 25. Love is a Mix Tape

"The playback: late night, Brooklyn, a pot of coffee, and a chair by the window."

Love is a Mix Tape, Rob Sheffield

      This is a memoir by Rob Sheffield, who is a music journalist.  You'd probably recognize him if you saw him, at least if you've spent any time watching VH1 programming - he's the kind of person they choose to be a talking head on I Love the 90's or 100 Best One-Hit Wonders.  He's pretty funny on those shows, and obviously knows about music.  And this book is pretty funny, and he obviously does know about music, but this is also a heartbreaking book.  Because its the story of his life, told through music (and the mixtapes he made), but mostly it's the story of his wife, who died unexpectedly, tragically young, of a pulmonary embolism in her early 30's.  So the book is a love letter to her, and their life, and how he survived being a young widower.  It's obviously so sad, but it's also hopeful, and it's a testament to her - you are left wishing you'd known her, and you can tell how much he misses her - and how lucky he was to have known her at all.  It reminds me, in a way, of Joan Didion, but for people our age - I'm sure this isn't what Sheffield intended,* but I could see someone who had had a loss like this at a young age finding real comfort in the book.  

Categories:  Memoir, Library Book

* Or maybe it is - maybe he felt he could, at least in a little way, help people who were dealing with what he was dealing with.

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