2012: 26. Aunt Maria

"We have had Aunt Maria ever since Dad died."

Aunt Maria, Diana Wynne Jones

        A deliciously creepy Jones.  After their father's death, Mig, her brother Chris, and their mother go to visit her father's Aunt Maria - even though no one in the family like her, they (especially their pushover mother) feel obliged.  But in no time, they find that they have, rather against their will, become Aunt Maria's servants - doing whatever she demands, and that they aren't the only ones.  The whole town of Cranbury on the Sea seem to be in the thrall of Aunt Maria and her cohort of little old ladies.  Is something mysterious and sinister going on here? Or is it merely a factor of Mig's very active imagination??

        Well, this is Jones, so, of course something sinister is going on.  But what makes the book such a grand read is just how sinister Aunt Maria is.  There is something so fun about reading about a tyranical little old lady, and the little old lady ways she rules them all - its like the reverse of Miss Marple.  And, it all works out in the end, so you can enjoy her evil with no regret.

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