2014: 29. The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton

"Laurence Bertram was waiting for a late connection at Swindon station."

The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton, Elizabeth Speller

See, I liked The Return of Captain John Emmett so much, I immediately went out and began to read the sequel! That's dedication.  And, well, I bought them both at the same time from Amazon, so it was also ease.  Actually, it was a review of Kitty Easton which encouraged me to gamble and buy both, which is slightly ironic, because although both are great, it was John Emmett that knocked my socks off.  Kitty Easton is a good mystery, don't get me wrong, but it didn't grab me quite as hard as the first.

It's definitely a sequel - you won't enjoy Kitty Easton as much if you haven't read the first book.  While it is a new mystery - centering on the disappearance of a five year old girl from a big country house years before.  Our detective, Laurence Bertram, is called to Easton house to examine a strange old church on the premises (it's been established in book one that he is an expert on old churches) by his friends the Bolithios (who also featured heavily in the first book).  When he arrives he meets the remnants of the Easton family - the ailing Lydia, whose husband died in the war and whose only daughter disappeared, her devoted brother-in-law Julian, her angry brother in law Patrick, and her sister Frances who takes care of them all.  Easton is sad, but atmospheric, and Bertram slowly falls into solving yet another mystery.

This book had all the things I liked about John Easton - the fact that its as much a character study of Bertram as a mystery, and I actually really enjoyed the continuity.  There is less war stuff (though it still lays over everything, as it actually must have), and I do think you'd enjoy it more if you read the first book, but it was also a great read.

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