2015: 3. Yes Please

Yes, Please, Amy Poehler

"I like hard work and I don't like pretending things are perfect."

I really liked this book.  I have to start by admitting that I am totally in the bag for Amy Poehler.  I loved her on SNL, and I love, love her on Parks & Recreations (if you possibly are reading this, and don't watch that, get thee to Netflix).  Leslie Knope is my Patronus.  I luv her.  And I love the stuff she does for girls at her her webseries, Smart Girls at the Party.  So I was not surprised that I loved her book.

It's about her life, some - though she admits she's pretty private.  It's about her career, and how she got where she is, and it's about being a woman, and a person, and how to figure out what you want to be.  And about being a mom, and dealing with a divorce, and being a daughter - all sorts of good stuff.  And it's funny, too, but where Tina and Mindy's books were much more straight up comedic, Amy's is a little more self-helpy - but in a good way.  Like, she comes at it saying, here is what I've learned - for whatever it's worth, and maybe it'll help you.  It's not preachy, but if you want just a straight up funny read, it's not quite that.  But I liked it - it made me respect even more a public figure I already really liked.  And what more can you ask for that that?? 

On a unrelated note, this is like, the most popular book I have ever blogged about.  This book is currently ranked #50 on Amazon, and usually the things I blog about are ranked, liked 45,892 (I get the info when I post the Amazon associate links above - i.e. where I get my photos).  I'm so lazy about blogging that by the time I get to even really popular books, they are lower ranked.  So, good job, Amy, for a) getting me to buy your book while it was popular, b) getting me to read it promptly, and c) getting me to blog about it in real time!

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