2012: 30. Going Wrong

"She always had lunch with him on Saturdays."

Going Wrong, Ruth Rendell

Another Rendell nut job psycho, Guy Curran is a former street rat made good.  Now a rich man man, obsessed with the finer things in life, he has everything he wants, except the woman he wants.  He's been in love with Lenora since they dated as teens, and he is convinced that she is the only woman to for him - despite all the evidence to the contrary.  They broke up years ago, but  because Lenora keeps up their weekly lunch date, he's convinced himself that they are still together, and that it will end up with them happily married.  And, actually, the book is really great - it's a perfect portrait of a man who believes that he's entitled to own a woman, despite her own wants (and despite the fact they basically have nothing in common anymore), and of a person slipping further into delusions.  I really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone who hasn't read a Rendell and wants to get a sense about what her non-traditional mysteries are about.

Categories:  Fiction; Library Book; Ruth Rendell Project 

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