2012: 31. Momento Mori

"Dame Lettie Colston refilled her fountain pen and continued her letter"

Momento Mori, Muriel Spark

For some reason I went on a big Muriel Spark tear, and read a whole bunch of her stuff lately, and really enjoyed them, and then, all of a sudden, ran out of a steam, and returned the last one unread.  But this was the first I read and the one that set me off, and it's great.

It's the story of a bunch of older people, all vaguely related, all sort of writer-y/artisty types.  And one of them, Dame Lettie Colston, starts to get a phone call that says only "Remember, you will die."  And the call spreads among their set, setting off all sorts of reactions - fear, reckoning, humor, life changes.  It's a funny book, and an insightful one, as we watch the group get their feathers ruffled, and also have to take stock of their own morality.  It's bit hard to capture in a review - it's not so much about the plot as the characters, and most of all, about the writing, but it is a delightfully sharp novel.

Of course its not Brodie, but what can be?

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