2012: 34. Backward Ran Sentences

"The sound newsreels, whatever else they do, certainly confirm America's worst suspicions about foreigners."

Backward Rand Sentences: The Best of Wolcott Gibbs, Wolcott Gibbs

I love collections like this - it's a collection of pieces from The New Yorker by Wolcott Gibbs, a now largely forgotten writer who was one of the magazine's mainstays in the days of Parker, Thurber, and White.  I've basically worn my portable Parker down to nubs, and love, love the  theater and book reviews therein (and what would it take for someone to collect all those in a book I could read?).  Gibbs did everything at the magazine from short stories, to Talk of the Town pieces, feature articles, short stories, and best of all reviews.  I don't know why I like reading reviews (scathing or otherwise) of theater that played fifty years ago, of plays I've largely never heard of, but if the writer is good (and Gibbs is good), I can't get enough.  It's a pretty big collection to committ to for a writer you've never heard of - I read it cover to cover (cause it was a library book), but I think it's really made for browsing and dipping into.  But if you like those 1930's New Yorker writers, and you've read your Parker and Benchly, this is a treat of a discovery - a whole new person to enjoy.  

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