2012: 35. Pyramids

Nothing but stars, scattered across the blackness as though the Creator had smashed the windscreen of his car and hadn't bothered to stop to sweep up the pieces.

Pyramids, Terry Pratchett

I haven't read a Pratchett in ages, and enjoyed this one immensely.  It's one of the earlier ones, so its more punny, and less "ending up teaching us some life lesson that is totally profund, while still being hilarious" but it's still Pratchett, so it's great.  It's about Teppic, who happens to be the prince of small ancient kingdom (read: Egypt), who goes to become educated as an assassin in Ankh-Morph.  But he's called home when his father dies unexpectedly, and, according to tradition, builds him a pyramid. Only this one is the biggest pyramid ever, and the use of pyramid power makes everything go a bit, well, astray.  Look - the plot is secondary - just assume that it's mad cap.  Really, it's just an excuse for jokes and puns, and pyramids, and Pratchetism.  If you haven't ever read Terry, I'd point you to something else - Tiffany Aching, or maybe Nation.  But if you have read him, and you haven't read this, do!

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