2016: 36. Cotillion

“The Saloon, like every other room in Arndale House, was large and lofty, and had been furnished, possibly some twenty years earlier, in what had then been the first style of elegance.”

Cotillion, Georgette Heyer

And now for something completely different.  After reading two serious books about the tragic emotional toll of the Great War, I needed a breather, so I went about as far afield as possible, and read a Heyer! You know Georgette, she writes delightful Regency Romances (and a few mysteries, too), and they are light as a feather and just as fun as can be.  This particular one starts with Mr. Pericuck, an eccentric old miser, who proposes to leave his fortune to his orphaned ward, Kitty - but only if she marries one of his many great-nephews.  Appalled at first (and secretly in love with one of her cousins, Jack), Kitty decides to take matters into her own hands.  She convices Freddy, her kind dandy cousin to pretend to propose, so she can go to London for a bit and try to make something happen in her life.  The ending should be obvious to you if you have ever read a book, but the route getting there is so fun.  Escapist, delightful, sassier than I remembere her books being, I loved reading this, and I’m getting more Heyer from the library today.

© Carrie Dunsmore 2017