2012: 38. Picture the Dead

"A ghost will find his way home."

Picture the Dead, by Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown

This a quasi-graphic novel - an illustrated novel, I guess. It's a deliciously creepy story about Jennie Lovell, who lives with her aunt and uncle.  Her brother Toby and her fiance-cousin Will have both been killed in the Civil War, and her aunt, who never liked her much (and certainly didn't like her being engaged to her son) is back to treating her like garbage - in between fits of mourning.  When her last remaining cousin, Quinn, comes home (her fiance's twin), he is strange and cold.  Meanwhile, Jennie feels like she's being haunted by Will and Toby - she even sees Will's picture in a family photo taken by a spiritualist.  Can Jennie get to the bottom of what's going on - and can she find happiness in her situation?

I really liked this.  It's YA, but it's pretty dark, and it took on one of my favorite subject (the subject of my college honors thesis, in fact) - the emotional aftermath of the Civil War.  The design of the book is what really raises it - the drawings add so much, atmospherically.  I'd read another collaboration between Griffin and Brown (one of whom, I think, is Mrs. Lemony Snicket), and I highly recommend Picturing the Dead

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