2014: 39. Asylum

"Catherine Deneuve is walking around West London with a skinned rabbit in her purse."

Asylum, Simon Doonan

This a collection of fashion related essays by Simon Doonan, who I first encoutered, I am sad to say, in the context of talking head on VHI's I Love the 80's (so sue, me, I don't live in New York and never encountered his window's at Barney's).  But I loved his chipper little reminisces, his snarky wit (he's gay and British - how could he not snark?), and such, so I grabbed this collection of fashion essays off the shelf at my local library when I saw them.

And I'm not much of a fashion fan, but I did enjoy this book.  I enjoy anything that's reasonably witty and dishy, and this is both (not too dishy - he wants to be able to eat lunch in this town again - or not eat, this is fashion after all).  I enjoyed learning a little bit more about the fashion industry, and appreciated that, for him, it saved his life - that it took him from being a confused little gay boy in Reading, UK (or as he calls it, a crap town) to a member of the fashion eltite.  Anyway, if you like fashion - or snark - or Doonan - you'll like this.  And it's a pretty fast and breezy read.

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