2012: 39. The Merlin Conspiracy

"I have been with the Court all my life, traveling with the King's Progress."

The Merlin Conspiracy, Diana Wynne Jones

      This is another one of those Joneses that involves a world that is just slighly different then ours - in fact, two.  We have two stories here - one is about Roddy, who grew up in the King's Progress, travelling around her England, as her parents work magic, and the whole world is run by the King's magician - the Merlin.  Life is going along as normal until evil forces at the Court engage a coup, and suddenly Roddy and her best friend Grundo find themselves thrown into a magic conspiracy.  The other story is about Nick, who seems to be in our world - though he knows about magic, too, so maybe not (and I think that Nick is maybe from some other Jones story I haven't read yet).  And then Nick gets thrown into another world, and he interacts with Roddy, and well, adventures ensue.

      I haven't explained it well - I'm not sure a blurb could explain it well.  There is a lot going on here.  But when you read it, it's not confusing, it's a blast.  Like all these in medias res fantasies, it takes you a bit to get your bearings, but once you get used to what's going on (or decided to go with the flow), its a great book.  The thing about Jones is that she not only comes up with what seems to be an undending variety of situations for her fantasy, but she populates them with wonderful characters who are realistic (no Mary Sues here), and the kind of people you want to take a journey with.  The chapters alternate between Roddy and Nick, and I couldn't decide which I liked best.  This would be a great introduction to Jones, if you've never read her, and if you like fantasy, you'd love this!

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