2012: 41. Great House

"Talk to him."

Great House, Nicole Krauss

Another book about the Holocaust by Nicole Krauss.  That's unfair - this book is about a lot more, just like The History of Love was about more (9/11, too!), but when I re-read my review of the The History of Love, I feel like I could sub this one right in.  Well written book about love and loss, lots of stories intertwining (but not quite coming together), and all undertinged with the Holocaust (the horrible history of Chile, too!).  Don't get me wrong, this book is beautiful and moving and all that, but it felt, well, familiar.  I've read lots of books like this - and at least one by this author.  Also, if you are going to write a book all about the various people who have owned a particular desk (which is the hook that ties the book together), I don't think there should be gaps where you can't figure out how the desk got from one person to another.  I mean, I guess that was the point - we can never know the past - but c'mon.  Either tie it up in a bow, or, at least, don't jump around between characters in a way that suggests that we are going to get an AHA moment at the end.

I know it sounds like I hated this book - I didn't.  It was lovely, lyrical, literary fiction.  But it didn't feel fresh, it felt familiar.

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