2012: 42. A Tale of Time City

"The train journey was horrible"

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones

The problem with going on a tear with a particular author is that it becomes harder and harder for me to say new thing about them other than "I liked it" or "I didn't."  It's a little bit easier with Jones, of course, because her books are so varied, but even so, this is basically a "this is a great book by Diana Wynne Jones, you should read it" variety review.  

This one is about time travel, or rather, the existence of a time city, a place where all the different time periods overlap.  It's a little complicated to explain (it takes the whole book to sort of figure it out), but the place is basically outside of time, and has been for time immemorial, when things start to go wrong.  In an effort to save Time City, two young boys go into our past - World War II and grab a young girl who they think will be able to save them.  Complications ensue, as they do in this sort of story, and it's great fun.  I particularly loved the android/robot character (though I have to admit I read this so long ago that I have forgotten all the characters names - that's not a slag on the book though, just my crappy short-term memory).  Anyway, "this is a great book by Diana Wynne Jones, you should read it."

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