2012: 43. Compact Living

"Today's strong demand for individual living accommodations, combined with high real estate prices, has made efficient and cost-effective use of space one of the fundamental issues in interior design."

Compact Living, Jane Graining

This just skirts the line between book and coffee table book, but I read (well, re-read) it because we recently moved, and I'm starting to think about design in our new house (very, very slowly - first I need to think about, like, unpacking, and oh, selling the old house).  But we had bought this when we moved into the first house, and I thought it would be helpful to help me think about my next house.  It didn't help much - its really about ultra compact living - all one room studios and lofted rooms.  And, more damning, for me, its almost all ultra modern design.  There isn't much that caught my eye - one or two farmhouse-y kitchens, a couple of cool bathrooms.  But I have to conceed there is some cool small living ideas, here, and if you are thinking about living in a teeny space and love modern design, you'd definitely get ideas.  It's just that I am doing none of those things!!  I need like, Martha Stewart's book of designing your three bedroom bungalow.  

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