2012: 48. Power of Three

"This is the story of the children of Adara - of Ayna and Ceri who both had Gifts, and of Gair, who thought he was ordinary."

Power of Three, Diana Wynne Jones

This was not my favorite Jones.  As the first sentence implies, it's one of those fantasy novels that is all "the children of Adara" who have Gifts - i.e. classic clans and funny names, and references to gods and all that, and I just have very, very little patience with that kind of fantasy novel.  To be fair, this one picks up in the middle when SPOILER we find that the "giants" that the main characters keep talking about are actually humans, and we see these ancient clan type people (who maybe are supposed to be fairies? It was all a little vague) interact with reasonably modern people, and it all comes together pretty well in the end.  But it was a big hurdle for me to get into it, because I'm so turned off by this kind of story.  But if you have patience for that kind of book, you'd no doubt like this one. 

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