2014: 50. The Silkworm

"Someone bloody famous," said the hoarse voice on the end of the line, "better've died, Strike."

The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith

And this is the second J.K. Rowling mystery.  Bought it in hardcover, loved it just as much as the first.  Sent me on a total J.K. Rowling binge - to and including playing around on Pottermore.  Yes I did just turn 36, why do you ask.  And, yes, of course I am a Ravenclaw.  What else could I possibly be?

Anyway, this book.  It's the second in the Comoran Strike series.  In light of his success solving the Lulu Landry mystery, his business is booming.  True, it's mostly divorce cases - tailing adulterers, but thanks to the press, they are rich adulterers, and he's able to keep Robin on full time - and has almost paid back the loan to his absentee father.  Yep, things are going along well - so why does he take on the case of the crazy woman looking for her missing novelist husband? It's almost certainly not going to pay, and she seems unhinged.  And yet - there is something there.  So take it he does, and soon we're wrapped up in a murder mystery, taking place in the fringes of the literary world, no less.  Rowling is obviously aces at writing about publishing, and this solution is more satisfying than the last (old secrets, long grudges and such).  

Look -  maybe I don't have the most critical eye here - I love Rowling, I love murder mysteries, it's like this series is written just for me.  And I just enjoyed reading it.  But they are good too - it's not lit-er-a-chure, but as mysteries go, these are damn good.

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