2012: 52. Blood Lines

""The rain set in early tonight," she said." ~ First lines of "Lizzie's Lover"

Blood Lines: Long and Short Stories, Ruth Rendell

A nice little collection of short stories (and longer ones) by Rendell, and, a mix of Wexford and stand-alones, which is always fun.  I particularly enjoyed the the longest stories - the titular Wexford one "Blood Lines" involves Wexford and Burden trying to solve a bludgeoning over the objection of very unhelpful witnesses*, and "The Strawberry Tree" a tale of long lost and refound(?) family members.  Again, there isn't too much to say about a collection of short stories - you either enjoy them or don't, but I did quite enjoy these.

*Along those lines, I do have one quibble with Rendell - in a lot of her mysteries, the witnesses are so rude and surly to the police as to be almost unbelieveable.  I know that not everyone is going to spill their guts to the coppers but it seems hard to believe that, in the face of the death of a loved one, people would be tauntingly rude to the police.  Maybe its a cultural thing, but I think its pretty unrealistic that someone would be straight up nasty when being interviewed - don't Brits fear the cops at all?

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