2012: 54. Earwig And The Witch

"At St. Morwald's Home for Children it was the day when people who wanted to be foster parents came to see which children they might want to take home with them."

Earwig and the Witch, Diana Wynne Jones

       This is a teeny tiny book, not more than a long short story and really, it is pretty much a straight up children's book, much less YA than some of Jones' other works.  But it is the last book Jones published before she died, and I had to read it.  It's about a girl named Earwig, who lives at an orphanage with her best friend, Custer.  She gets adopted by an evil witch, and has to defeat her.  As I said, it's very short - I wouldn't say that it's unfinished, but it does seem like the first part of a longer story - and it's clearly for young readers.  But the characters are pure Jones, and I particularly liked the cat who becomes her ally.  And the illustrations, by Paul O. Zelinsky, are perfectly matched to the prose.  I was left a little sad at the end - but that's because I knew that we'd never get more Jones to finish the story, not because of the story itself!

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