2012: 58. Hexwood

"The letter was in Earth script, unhandily scrawled in blobby blue ballpoint."

Hexwood, Diana Wynne Jones

    This Jones is a bit of a mess.   It involves a quasi-evil interspace bureaucracy, of which Earth is a tiny outpost - though no one here knows that.  On Earth there is an old manor house, but its really a computer program gone awry, and there is a sick little girl trying to figure out why people go in and never come out.  And time loops over itself, and things keep repeating, and also there is a robotic guardian.  And it all comes together in a sort of convoluted way.  What I'm saying is, there is much, much too much plot for how many pages there are, and you really need to work to follow what's going on until you get to the end.  Jones can be that way, sometimes, - A Tale of Time City and also Archer's Goon both sort of were that way, but this is that problem taken to an extreme.  Typical clever Jones, but maybe too clever by half, here.

Categories:  YA, Library Book 

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