2012: 60. Revolution

"Those who can, do.  Those who can't, deejay."

Revolution, Jennifer Donnelly

      This is a great book.  YA, again, but good enough to be an adult book (whatever that means!).  I picked it up because I'd read one of her earlier books, Northern Lights, which was also excellent, but this I think is even better.  It's about two different girls, who lived two hundred years apart, but who each are dealing with tragedy in their own way.  Andi is a high school student, whose brother has tragically died, and whose family has fallen apart.  She's angry and a mess, and when her estranged father orders her to Paris (with him and his new wife), she has to go - but she doesn't have to like it.  But while there, she becomes intrigued with an ancient diary, which tells the story of Alexandrine - an aspiring actress in the years of the Revolution, who finds herself, against her best intentions, being drawn into the doomed Royal family's cause, due to her  sympathy for the poor, doomed Dauphin.

    That sounds like a lot, but Donnelly really makes it work, and blends the two stories together like a pro.  Most of all, she really makes you feel just how terrible the terror was - your heart will be broken by the horror of it all, just as Andi's is.  And the resolution to the novel is pretty great, too.  I'm a huge fan.

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