2012: 61. Drowning Ruth

"Ruth remembered drowning."

Drowning Ruth, Christina Schwarz

      This was both an Oprah book and a New York Times Bestseller (or maybe that goes without saying.  Were any Oprah books not New York Times Bestsellers?), and, as such, I might be the only person left on Earth who reads this kind of book who hadn't read this particular one.  But just in case there is one more of you, this is pretty classic Oprah/the kind of novel where we slowly learn the history of a tortured family.  But I like books like that, so I liked this one.  It set in  rural Wisconsin in the early 20th century (right after World War One), in a small lakeside community.  There has been a tragedy - a young mother has drowned, and as the book unfolds we see how that action affects the survivors (her husband, her daughter, her sister), and slowly, what happened on that night.  You know how these sorts of books go - there are dark secrets that slowly come to clarity, and we understand what causes tragedy.  Very Oprah.  BUT very much in my wheelhouse, and I did like this one.  I liked Ruth (the surviving daughter) and all the twists and turns.  If you haven't read it, and you like this kind of book, this is a pretty good one. 

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