2014: 61. Mrs. Tim of the Regiment

"Tim wakes up very peevish after last night's celebration in Mess (how strange the after effects of enjoyment on the human frame!)."

Mrs. Tim of the Regiment, D.E. Stevenson

I know, I'm right back to Stevenson and British charm.  But give me a break - after the horror that was British misogyny, I deserved it.   This one is a diary novel, set in the time between the wars.  "Mrs. Tim" - Hester Christie, is the wife of Tim, a military man.  When he is off being in charge of his regiment (or whatever - his exact title, and the importance of such was a bit lost on me, no matter how many books of the 20's and 30's I've read), she is having household adventures and such.  Arranging her children, her household, other people's lives, and being generally a little scattered and lovely.  Very much like The Diary of the Provincial Lady, but with the military twist (there is one adventure where, oh horrors! the junior officers sneak her into the mess!). All very low stakes, but great fun, nonetheless.  

The only downside is that the company that republished this has not republished the three sequels, and they are bonkers expensive used.  Shall have to decide if its worth it (probably is, next time I feel flush, but oh, maybe Bloomsbury will help a sister out).

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