2014: 62. Get Shorty

"When Chili first came to Miami Beach twleve years ago there were having one of their off-and-on cold winters; thirty-four degrees the day he met Tommy Carlo for lunch at Vesuvio's on South Colling and had his leather jacket ripped off.  One his wife had given him for Christmas a year ago, before they moved down here."

Get Shorty, Elmore Leonard

So, we just spent ten days in California on vacation, as is my wont, I brought a few relevant books along.  It was a hairy few days before we left (to say the least) so I had to shop my bookshelves rather than, say, Politics and Prose, but I was able to scrape a few up - enought at least to carry me through the kind of trip where we share a room with our kids and ended up going to bed at eight most nights (i.e. the kind of vacation where there isn't too much time for reading).  One of the books I grabbed was Get Shorty.  Due to a change in our plans, we didn't spent too much time in L.A., but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.  

I've not read too much Leonard - Black Dahlia, and that's about it.  This needs to be remedied.  I'd seen the movie of Get Shorty, oh, back when it was in theaters, and liked it (you know, during that second period when Travolta was cool), but, bien sur, the movie improves on the book.  It couldn't be more different from Dahlia - where that is twisted noir, this is effortless cool.  The plot, in case you've not seen the movie, is that a loan shark small time gangster from Miami comes to L.A. looking for a client, and gets drawn into Hollywood, where he finds that his skill set (getting things done, being intimidating, taking no bullshit), is exactly what you need to get ahead.  Part crime novel, part caper, all cool, the book is great - and it made me want to immediately rewatch the movie, too (remember when Rene Russo was a thing?).  And most of all, I want to go out and read much more Leonard.* 

* Yes, the other Carrie, I know, I know, you told me this years ago.  I have no excuse.

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