2012: 62. The Homeward Bounders

"Have you heard of the Flying Dutchman? No? Nor of the Wandering Jew?"

The Homeward Bounders, Diana Wynne Jones

      Now, this is a Jones that is complicated but fabulous.  It's the story of Jamie, who wanders into the yards of a mansion near his house, only to see something he shouldn't.  He sees Them, strange alien creatures playing a game in which, it turns out, we and all the inhabitants of all worlds of the multiverse are just playthings.  Having seen the players, Jamie is "thrown out of play" and become a Random factor.  Which means that he gets thrown through out the worlds, doomed to shift from world to world for all time, shifting each time a play is made.  But Jamie, and the the other homeward bounders (cause that's where he's trying to head), like the Flying Dutchman and the Wandering Jew, and a few others, decide to fight back…

      All that sounds complicated, and it is, but once you wrap your head around the plot, its so good - the various worlds that Jamie goes through (many of which are pretty horrible), the horribleness of Them, the disorientation he faces as he shifts, the alliances he makes, and most of all the satisfying conclusion.  It's not like any other book I can think of, with its complicated plot, mix of sci-fi and fantasy, and wonderful characters, and I loved it. 

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