2012: 63. Christine Falls

"She was glad it was the evening mailboat she was taking, for she did not think she could have faced a morning departure."

Christine Falls, Benjamin Black

  This is the first in a series of mystery novels centered around Quirke, a surly, drunken pathologist living in 1950's Dublin.  One night after a Christmas party, he comes to the office to find his brother-in-law (his prestigious, powerful brother-in-law) tampering with the medical records on a young woman's corpse.  Quirke doesn't want to know what's going on, but soon he finds himself drawn into a story that covers two continents, the world of the Irish Catholic church, the restricted Dublin society, and his very own family (and thus, his very own demons).  And, since its written by John Banville (Booker-Prize winner for The Sea*) the writing is top knotch.

I liked it.  As I said, well-written, and the solution to the mystery is pretty good (if a little bit over the top).  The only thing that got me down, which is to say, stopped me from running out and getting the next book in the series, is that is a wee bit depressing.  Which is to say, Quirke's life is pretty much full-blown Irish misery porn.  Which, while it made for a good read, didn't really make me want to run out right away and get some more.  But, now that time has passed, and I feel joy again, I'll probaby get the sequel.

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