2012: 65.  Down and Dirty Pictures

"This book is a sequel, of sorts, to Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, my history of that exuberant, fecund decade, the 1970s that gave us the so-called New Hollywood"

Down and Dirty Pictures, Peter Biskind

This is a history of the film industry in the 90's, when independant pictures really came into their own, through such companies as Miramax and New Line, and such personalities as Bob and Harvey Weinstein (bien sur!), Quenton Tarentino, Stephen Soderburgh, et al.  The underlying thesis is that the independants of the 1990s changed the industry, and became the industry and suddenly they weren't indies anymore.  But really, who cares about that.  What makes the book good, if you like that sort of think, is the insider gossipy story of what happened in the 1990s in the film industry.  And since I do like that sort of thing, quite a bit, I pretty much enjoyed the book.  I mean, it's not perfect - I do think it read more like a really long magazine article than a book (which I think is what lead to my basic lack of interest in its thesis as compared to just to the story told), but it's pretty good.  Good enough that I want to find his first book, the one about Hollywood in the 70's (Scorcese and Coppolla and all that jazz).

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