2016: 68. Oh These Men, These Men!

 “Caroline Danvers’s parents had long been dead.”

Oh These Men, These Men!, Angela Thirkell 

I know.  But this is the last one my library had that I hadn’t read, so I’m done for the foreseeable future (though I’d like to finish them all eventually).  This one isn’t even part of the Bartsetshire series, so I didn’t get to see all my favorite families mingle and chat and get married.

Rather, it’s about Caroline Danvers, who is married to a man (whose name I forgot), and who treats her terribly.  When he then deserts her, his family takes her in, and the rest of the book is about the divorce, and dealing with his family, and will she get a new better life, and what will happen to his sister and all that.  It’s Thirkell-y, but without my favorite landscape to bolster it.  It’s a good book if you like people having stiff upper lips and calling each other “rotter,” but I can’t really recommend it unless you, like I, have fallen down the Thirkell hole.  I’m basically just blogging about it for completism.

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