2012: 66. Mixed Magics

"The willing warlock was a born loser"

Mixed Magics, Diana Wynne Jones

I loved this book - a collection of four short stories set in the world of Chrestomanci (and the Chrestomanci books are my favorite Jones books).  They are perfect - they fit right in with the world set up in Charmed Life, the Lives of Christopher Chant, et al.  They involve the alternate worlds, magic, clever solutions to challenging problems, and of course, Chrestomanci - the multilifed wizard who has to make sure magic in the various worlds don't get out of control.  I think you'd like this book if you hadn't read the Chrestomanci books (provided you like charming fantasy with great characters and good plots), but if you know our characters already, you'll love it.

Categories:  Fiction, YA, Library Book

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