2012: 67. The Lost City of Z

"I pulled my map from my back pocket."

The Lost City of Z, David Grann

       This is a phenomenal book.  I mean, I think it won all sorts of year end prizes the year it came out, so it's not much news that this is a phenomenal book, but yes, it is a great read.  It's the true story of a world famous explorer in the 1920s named Percy Fawcett, who, after all sorts of death defying exploration feats, became convinced, convinced that there was a city hidden in the Amazon - the Lost City of Z, El Dorado - whatever you called it, he was sure it was there.  And he wasn't the only one - people have long been convinced and obssessed with the subject - through to the present day.  Anyway, old Percy Fawcett and his oldest son, and his old son's best friend head off into the jungle (just the three of them, because of reasons! like, oh, its easier with a small group, etc.), and they are never head from again!! And people (who if you remember were already obsessed with the Lost City of Z) become obsessed with finding and rescuing them, and they go off to look and are also lost - and so it goes.

       So Grann starts to write about all this - and his writing is good, too.  The parts about how the jungle will kill you and leave you dead are phenomenal (reminded me of State of Wonder - I wonder if Patchett read this book), and the stories about all the various expeditions are just fascinating.  Anyway, his interest eventually leads to him going off into the Amazon to look for signs of what happened to Fawcett, and maybe for Z itself.  I don't want to say what he finds - that's part of the fun of the book, wondering if he will solve the mystery, but I have to say, this was such a great read.  I can't recommend it highly enough!

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