2012: 69. & 70.  Sex With Kings and Sex With Queens

"If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, then the finer art of being a mistress must be the second oldest."

Sex With Kings, Eleanor Herman

Sex with Queens, Eleanor Herman

So, these are two pretty frivilous books - they are histories of royal extramarital sex (with a little bit of marital sex thrown in).  In other words, they are the stories of various royal mistresses and lovers.  Not exactly earth-shatteringly important, but good gossipy reads - good enough that after reading about sex with kings, I went out to read about sex with queens (that's called feminism, ladies).  Again, nothing that will expand your horizons or understanding of human history too much, but Herman is a reasonably good writer, whose stuff seems reasonably well sourced, and who manages to write about a mildly salacious topic without making it seem too trashy.  She perhaps overstates some of her theses about how important these people were, but the anecdotes are pretty interesting, and if you are interested in light history, you'll like these.  I do wonder what her next book could be - Sex with Popes?

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