2015: 7. Texts From Jane Eyre

Texts From Jane Eyre, And Other Conversations With Your Favorite Literary Characters, Mallory Ortberg

So, let me start by saying I feel very, very guilty that I took this book out of the library.  Mallory Ortberg is one of the co-editors of The Toast, and The Toast is basically my favorite website these days.  I love, Mallory - she is absolutely hilarious*, and I feel that I should have bought her book, instead of borrowing it.  BUT, I was at the library, and there it was and I wanted to read it.  So, I am sorry, The Toast.  You deserved better.

BUT, as a loyal Toast reader, I am sort of glad I borrowed it instead of buying it.  Because as funny and great as this book is (more on that to come) a lot of it had been previously featured on either The Toast or The Hairpin, and so, as much as I enjoyed the book, I had read lots of it already.  

Anyway, as the title suggests, the book is a series of text message conversations between literary characters.  And its pretty damn funny. Of course Byron would text about who is hotter, "his half-sister or his cousins", and Scarlett would sext Ashley about her shimmies.  I can't really describe it except to say everyone you read you are just touched by the perfectness of how Mallory gets the essence of these literary figures into the medium of the text message.  It's simply hilarious.  Totally recommended for the English major you know and love.

(Unless she already read it all for free at The Toast.)

*See if you can find her recent New Yorker piece in which Ayn Rand reviews children't movies. If you love it, you'll love the Toast.  Unless you have a problem with feminism - the Toast is basically a misandryst website. 

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