2011: 75. Among the Shadows

"Before Rachel had been at Briarwold a month there was a saying that whenever she went around a corner, she went into something."  ~ First line of "The Closed Door"

Among the Shadows, L.M. Montgomery

            I really did grow up in the golden age of Montgomery-ism, because just when I was in the height of my Anne-love, they started releasing collections of Montgomery's heretofore unknown short stories, discovered by a woma name Rea Wilmhurst.  And they are great! They get a little repetitive, because they are arranged by subject matter (i.e., orphans, by the sea, against all odds) - so you end up reading like, fourteen stories where long lost families are reunited, and I think if it was me, I would have maybe found another way to do it.  And, of course, they are a little dated, and some of them are familiar - in that they were repurposed to be parts of the later Anne novels.  But they are charming, and given that these were written quickly to sell, I think they hold up pretty well.

           This particular collection is subtitled "Tales from the Darker Side" which is a pretty good summary - we have some ghost stories, some tales involving criminals, even a murder or two.  The best story is probably "Some Fools and a Saint" - a dark little tale about a family's "poltergeist" which turns out, instead, to be SPOILER being caused by a crippled girl who is bitter about the family that took her in.  The worst is definitely the gothic pastiche, "The Red Room."  But all in all its a fun little read - its neat to see the "darker" side of Montgomery (which actually is not so dark, given what we know about her own life).

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