2014: 75. One Plus One


One Plus One, Jo Jo Moyes

I have to admit, after reading Me Before You, I wasn't in a huge hurry to read more Moyes, because my take away was that the book was pretty cheesy.  But, my tremendously awesome friend Nora (who has an article TODAY on the front page of the Washington Post, no big deal - plus it's about Alexander of no good very bad day fame, so it's relevant to our interests) who happens to be an angel from heaven gave me a sack of books to help distract me through my recovery (because, as I said, angel), and this was in it.  And I really enjoyed it - just like last time, Moyes was nice and distracting, but moreover, this one didn't have a Lifetime Movie plot - just a regular story about two people finding each other, and thus, my quibbles with the last were erased.  Indeed, this one sort of reminded me of Nick Hornby (i.e. funny and about people's lives) which is high praise from this reviewer. 

The plot is about a working single mother mother who is trying to raise her kids in pretty much poverty in this small seaside town (sorry, I forgot everyone's names since I read it so long ago, and I gave the book to my sister to read so I can't check), and her interactions with this computer geek (Ed, maybe?) who has made a ton of money on some computer thing, but is currently in trouble for accidentally insider trading.  Anyway, they end up interacting due to a series of plausible but amusing random circumstances, and they find out that they have more in common than you might think! I know, the stuff of all sort of stupid romance novels, but here it reads like real life, because, even though I have forgot their names, Moyes creates characters who seem like real people, struggling with real problems.  The woman, in particular, is great - just trying to get by, but funny and honest and real (and kind of a saint, since she is raising both her own daughter, and her deadbeat ex's son from his first marriage).  And the antics are funny - it would make a good Little Miss Sunshine-esque film, and it's escapist enough to be entertaining, but well written enough so I didn't spend the whole time rolling my eyes.  My only question now, is should I read her other books, or save for next time I need to be in recovery?

Also, could I write any more run-on sentences? #ChandlerBing

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