2011: 76. Under the Dome

"From two thousand feet, where Claudette Sanders was taking a flying lesson, the town of Chester's Mill gleamed in the morning light light something freshly made and just set down."

Under the Dome, Stephen King

         I was in my public library, looking to see if they had the new King (that would be 11/22/63, and bien sur, they did not) when it struck me that he had written a couple of novels lately that I hadn't read, and so, I grabbed Under the Dome.  And boy, did I enjoy it.  I know that some people sneer at King, or don't like latter day King, or think that his short fiction is ok, but that his long fiction needs an editor, but I sure do enjoy sitting down and reading one of those beastly big King novels (this one was 1072 pages!).  It reminds me of being a kid, and reading It and being so pleased that I'd read such a long book.  And I generally have a nostalgic soft spot for King - I read most of his stuff in high school, and then I re-read just about all of his stuff while studying for the bar.  It was just about the only kind of book that didn't hurt my lawed-out brain.* It's funny - I'm generally not much of a horror fan, but I do like the way that Stephen King writes.** 

       With my biases out on the table, let me tell you, I so enjoyed this book.  It's the story of Chesters Mill, Maine, located in that damned corner of the state (Castle Rock is the next town over, and I reckon Derry and 'Salems Lot aren't too far away).  One ordinary day in October, a dome is dropped over the town - people can't leave, they can't come, and if you happened to be where the dome fell, well, nice to have known you.  And as if a mysterious dome isn't bad enough, it turns out that the town government is being run by a Hitler in training, who has very particular ideas about the way things should be managed until the dome comes up - if it ever does.   And I loved the conceit, and the way things unfolded (all politics is personal, dontcha know?), and I really loved the characters (especially Julia Shumway, intrepid reporter, and Scarecrow Joe McClatchey, budding genius).  But what I really loved, and I won't say more, for spoilers sake, is the answer as to why the dome fell.  

        Look - if you sneer at King you won't like this, but if you are fan - or on the fence, I enjoyed it a ton.  The only reason I didn't read it faster is because its hard to lug around a 1076 page hardcover - I usually get his books in paperback.

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*Although, this did lead to the time I stayed up too late all by myself reading Pet Semetary in the creepy house we were renting near Worcester, and I had to pull a Joey Tribbiani and hide the novel in the freezer. 

**Not his crappy EW columns, though. I have some taste.

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