2011: 78. Black Sheep

"A little before eight o'clock, at the close of a damp autumn day, a post-chaise entered Bath, on the London Road, and presently drew up outside a house in Sydney Place."

Black Sheep, Georgette Heyer

     This is the first of Heyer's famous Regency novels that I have ever read (I've read a few of her mysteries, and will link when I get my archives imported).  I liked it - I don't know that I'm a super fan, like the many internet ravers who got me to pick up the book in the first place.  The book was just a little too predictable - I mean, I understand that that is the charm of them, but I'm not sure I can go gaga for a book that has me predicting the entire plot on the first page.  But, of course, with these books, it's all about the journey, not the outcome, so maybe I'm being pedantic.

    Anyway, its set in Regency times, and it concerns Abigail Wendover, a high spirited young lady considered to be on the shelf at 28, her young ward Fanny, who is being chased by a fortune hunter, Stacy Caverleigh, and Stacy's uncle Miles, the family black sheep who has arrived back on the scene after years in India.  Miles is outspoken, rude, and lacking manners - but he also makes Abigail laugh like no one she's ever met.  Will Abigail be able to stop Fanny being taken in by Stacy? And will she lose her heart herself?  Well, SPOILERS, yes, of course.  But how we get there is great fun, and if you like spunky heroines, and clever heroes, you'll like this.  I think you can fairly classify it as a thinking woman's romance novel, and as escapist fare goes, it's pretty good.

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