2011: 79. After Many Days

"Miss Corona awoke that June morning with a sigh, the cause of which she was at first too sleepy to understand." ~ First Lines of "The Bride Roses"

After Many Days, L.M. Montgomery

     Another short story collection, and this one, more than Among the Shadows, suffers from the repetitive plot problem.  At least that was about various tales from the "dark side" so you had ghosts, and criminals, and general spookiness.  Here it's all stories of people who have, after much time has passed, a chance to reconcile.  Given that, it's pretty remarkable how much Montgomery was able to wreak out of the theme - we have parted lovers, estranged family, long-lost friends, and the reconciliations vary from romance, to tragedy, to humor.  Some of the stories were pretty standard (a la, The Bride Roses, Elizabeth's Child, both of which concern a spunky niece who reconciles an estranged family), but some are more unusual, especially for the time.  Missy's Room is about a family whose only daughter "went bad" and disappeared - but they never stop loving her and missing her, no matter what she did.  Between the Hill and the Valley  is about a couple who hid their love for years, because he thought he wasn't good enough for her fine family.  So there is some good stuff here, but I have to admit, it's mostly for the Montgomery fan.

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