2016: 8. Trigger Warning

“There are things that upset us. That’s not quite what we’re talking about here.”

Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman

I guess this is my week for short story collections, for that is what this is, a collection of Neil Gaiman stories.  Just as The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a classic King collection, this is pretty Neil Gaiman-y. So, if you like Gaiman, you’ll like this.  And I generally do like Gaiman - loved Sandman, loved American Gods, generally like his short stuff.  This is probably unfair, but I am slightly less enamored of him ever since he married the extraordinarily dreadful Amanda Palmer, but that’s unfair, because the writing is as good as ever.  I was particularly fond of the story “Black Dog” which continues the adventures of Shadow, the hero of American Gods, and I would read millions of more stories about his adventures.  So, go ahead if you like Gaiman - you’ll like this.

One more thing - the title is a play on the notion of trigger warnings, and I think is a little dismissive of people who have real issues with triggers.  I think the whole right wing moaning about trigger warnings - the way they are really used, not the way they are characterized by fear mongers -  is another way to dismiss the real suffering of victims.  What does it hurt to give people a small heads up, after all??

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