2014: 80. Rumpole For The Defense

"This morning a postcard, decorated with an American stamp and a fine view of the Florida freeways, put me in mind of hte long-distant day when my son Nick first left these shores, leaving his mother and father staring at each other in wild surmise alone in our 'mansion' flat in Froxbury Court, Gloucester Road."

Rumpole for the Defense, John Mortimer

Given that I am both an Anglophile (at least literarily) and a lawyer, I cannot believe that this the first time I've ever encountered Rumpole.  I mean, I knew who he was, and I knew about "she who must be obeyed" but I'd enver read Rumpole before.  And I enjoyed him.  This is a collection of stories of Rumpoles adventures as a defense lawyer and they were, individually all pretty good (though at least one was straight up stole from Witness for the Prosecution, which is pretty lame, because that is a VERY famous story).  They are not quite mysteries, more legal procedurals, and they are legit enough to convince this lawyer, anyway (though the mysteries of the British legal system with their solicitors and barristers is still a bit murky to me).  The problem is, when you read them in a row, you get a whole bunch of stories about a defense lawyer prevailing (or mostly), and they lose some zing.  It seems like the kind of thing where if I ran into one Rumpole story I would love it, but the more you read, each one sort of loses its zing. I will read more Rumpole, but I think I'll dip into them instead of swallowing a whole collection whole.

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