2011: 82. The Golden Road

"'I've thought of something amusing for the winter,' I said as we drew into a half-circle around the glorious wood-fire in Uncle Alec's kitchen."

The Golden Road, L.M. Montgomery 

      I have to say, that when I started off on this mad Montgomery re-read, I didn't really think through how I'd have to come up with something to say about each book in such quick succession - it is good to remember next time I start off on a book project, that it might serve me better to spread the love around, a bit.  Oh, well!

      The Golden Road is the sequel to The Story Girl, and it runs along the same lines - stories of the King children growing up on a farm in PEI, their general antics, and the Story Girl's tales interspersed.  One difference (as indicated by the opening lines) is that in this book the children take it upon themselves to create a little newspaper, so we get the various editions of "Our Magazine," too, which are pretty cute.  I've already talked about how I like these books for the cozy family aspect, and this remains here, and is also charming.  But this one is more wistful (SPOILERS AHOY), for a number of reasons.  First, it ends with the children parting ways - Bev and Felix go back to their father, and the Story Girl goes back to hers.  And (and this is worse!) Montgomery tells us that poor Cecily isn't going to make it - that she'll never outgrow "the Golden Road of childhood."  Way to stick the knife in, Maud.  Obviously this was part of life back then - more people died young, and it would, perhaps, be unrealistic to write about life and not have such things happen.  But its definitely a bummer, in this tale of golden childhood.

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