2011: 84. Along the Shore

"A late September wind from the northwest was sweeping over the waters of Racicot Harbor." ~ first lines of "The Magical Bond of the Sea"

Along the Shore, L.M. Montgomery

       Another thematic collection of short stories, a la After Many Days and Among the Shadows, but I think that this one is much worse than those.   There are a lot of clunkers in this collection of ocean related stories.  You wouldn't think that someone who grew up on an island (and presumably knew what the ocean can do) would be so sentimental about the sea, but there is a lot of "oh the sea got in my blood and changed me stories here."  Frankly, the collection is pretty darn hokey and boring, plus one of the stories is just another version of Uncle Jim from Anne's House of Dreams, another is a version of the Big Sam and Little Sam story from A Tangled Web, etc., and I'm not quite enough of a Montgomery scholar to find value in seeing proto versions of future favorites.  In other words, I'd call this a collection for completists, only.

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