2014: 86. The Last Talk With Lola Faye

The Last Talk With Lola Faye, Thomas H. Cook

This murder mystery that I took out of the library, however, I cannot recommend.  Although, I almost wish one person I know who would read this dumb book, so that I can talk about the ending with them, because I'm not quite sure I got it.  Not that it matters, because the book was so irritating.

It's the story of Luke, a Harvard trained historian who hasn't quite lived up to his ambitions or his promise, writing boring books and teaching at a boring college.  His marriage has failed, he is miserable.  One day, when speaking at a museum in St. Louis, he runs into a woman he associates with the worst time in his life - Lola Faye Gilroy.  Gilroy was the cause of his father's murder - the two of them were having an affair, and her husband killed his father, and then himself in an act of jealousy.  Lola Faye wants to talk to Luke - the two of them end up having drinks, and discussing old times.  Over the course of the evening, he realizes that the story he has believe his whole life is not at all the truth.

Not a bad premise - but my lord, the writing.  Lola Faye is not like one real person on Earth.  No one has ever talked like her, ever.  Not one person.  And then there is this weird tone of menace - like she is either threatening him, or threatening to expose him (did Lola kill his father? Did Luke? Someone else?).  The idea that we don't know our parents, or that our memory isn't really the truth - that is good stuff.  But you need to be able stomach Lola Faye, and I just couldn't.

And if you DID read this, email so we can talk about what happened at the end, please!

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