2014: 88. The Outsmarting of Criminals

"When, after many years of living peacefully in New York City, Miss Felicity Prim felt herself being mugged for the first time, her initial thought was: My handbag is caught on something."

The Outsmarting of Criminals, Steven Rigolosi

This is a weird one.  It's about Miss Felicity Prim, who lived in New York, and decides to pack up and move to Connecticut, and to give up her life as a medical assistant, and become an independant lady.  And also a crime solver.  Yup, that is her plan.  And she is just a goof - a you may not be able to deal with this book level goof.  It's a modern novel - written by a man, no less, but a clever pastiche of classic mystery novels.  To me, I found it all to be tongue in cheek meta cuteness - it's the ultimate cozy mystery, and I found it great fun.  But if you aren't into the goof, I could see that you'd HATE this book.  Miss Prim makes Miss Marple look like a tough guy (not fair, because Miss Marple is basically a goddess of divine retribution, but you get my point). She has a twee cottage, she gets a dog, she has a suitor, a hidden room, a perfect cinnamon roll recipe.  She has a long lost sister who gets found at the end of the novel - but basically as an after thought to the main action.  She is a delight, if you're into that sort of thing (and as you can tell from my long swath of 1930's twee British novels, I am).  

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