2011: 89. Why Not Say What Happened?

"The day after my mother died, I agreed to have lunch with one of her oldest friends at a restaurant on Madison Avenue in New York."

Why Not Say What Happened? Ivana Lowell

    This is your typical "weird messed up family" memoir.  This time the angle is that Lowell's mother is the famous Lady Caroline Blackwood (wife of, among others, Robert Lowell, Lucien Freud, composer Isreal Citkowitz).  Ivana grew up among this bohemian lifestyle, and neither she, nor her sisters particularly thrived (we're talking drugs, molestation, suicide/OD's, the whole nine yards).  It's a sordid story, made interesting by the fact that the players are famous and talented, and, because, Lowell basically doesn't know which of her mother's multiple lovers is her actual father, so there is a detective story aspect to the novel.  I don't have much to say about this (because, honestly, I read this so long ago and it didn't really stick with me), but my basic impression is that the story is interesting in a gossipy way, but the writing didn't do much to elevate it, and I was basically bored.

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