2016: 9. It Ended Badly

“If you are lying in bed right now, a pint of ice cream in one hand, a bottle of Scotch in the other, and this book clenched between your teeth (one tooth is missing from last night’s bar fight), with tears streaming down your face over how much you loved, loved, loved your ex, let me commend you on how well you are coping.”

It Ended Badly: 13 of the Worst Breakups in History, Jennifer Wright

This is a fluffly little delight.  Wright writes about some of the worst breakups in history (interpreted broadly - one is Henry VIII and Anne Boylen).  And it’s a slim little book, and it’s basically a goof, but I did so enjoy reading it.  Wright has a facility with the pen - and she’s funny, too.  As someone how likes to have strongly expressed opinions about historical figures (Hamilton, YAY, Jefferson, Boo, R. E. Lee = traitor),  I loved the way she wrote about the people in her stories - she definitately takes sides.  And, no, it’s not earth shattering stuff (it could easily be a blog or, say, a column in the Toast), it’s a pretty fun diversion into how some people went super, super nuts when their relationships fell apart.  Get it from the library, read it in an hour or two, but if you want a funny escapist book, this is a good read.

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