2011: 90. Emily Climbs

"Emily Byrd Starr was alone in her room, in the old New Moon farmhouse at Blair Water, one stormy night in a February of the olden years before the world turned upside down."

Emily Climbs, L.M. Montgomery

     In this book, Emily leaves New Moon to go to the high school in Shrewbury, which, as I understand it, had to be paid for, which make her family's decision to educate admirable.  Of course, the proud Murray clan doesn't make anything easy, so they allow Emily to go - but only if she will stay with her grim Aunt Ruth, who make Aunt Elizabeth seem warm and nurturing, and (and this is the part that almost kills our Emily) if she promises to write no fiction (or as they consider it "lies") while she is there.  Emily almost can't agree - writing is breathing to her - but she wants to be educated, so she concedes.  And we get three years of struggle and learning, dealing with her hard Aunts, and her dear friends, and growing up.  

     I love the how we learn about what it was like for a girl to be educated at that time - it reminds me a bit of Daddy Long Legs, though that, of course, was college, not high school.  And I loved watching Emily deal with her family - I like reading about book about young woman's  troubles, that weren't boy problems, but were real life struggle nonetheless.  I think this might be my favorite of the Emily books.

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