2011: 91. The Secret Language

"Sooner or later everyone has to go away from home for the first time."

The Secret Language by Ursula Nordstrom

      Well, this is a straight up baby book.  Any shorter or more kids like, and I wouldn't even blog about it - after all, I read a "Nate the Great" book out loud every night, and you don't see those here.*  But, the reason I read this book is because the author was a very famous children's book editor, and this is the only book she ever wrote.  I read a collection of her letters a while back, and (I think) blogged about them, and I was fascinated by Urusula Nordstrom.  So I bought her book recently and thought, well, why not.

      It's very sweet - its a story about a little girl who gets sent off to boarding school, because her mother has to work, and about how she adapts to life away from home.  She makes one friend, and the two of them band together (create the titular secret language), and eventually, they have to learn to become part of the group, instead of a party of two.  It's simple in language, but actually takes on a pretty sophisticated concept, and I am glad I read this baby book. 

Categories:  Fiction, YA (ok, children's)

*Although, maybe we should because those books are kind of cool.  I mean, Rosamond is strange, right?

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