2011: 92. Jane of Lantern Hill

"Gay Street, so Jane always thought, did not live up to its name.  It was, she felt certain, the most melancholy street in Toronto."

Jane of Lantern Hill, by L.M. Montgomery

    Oh, this is SUCH a great book.  Jane is one of the best Montgomery heroines, and her story is so great.   Here we go - Jane lives with her mother and her overbearing grandmother in a sad, cold house in Toronto.  Jane is cowed by her grandmother, and the whole situation is grim.  And then, one day, her FATHER demands that she come visit him!  Her father! Yes! He has been alive the whole time, living (you guessed it!) in P.E.I.  So off Jane goes, and she blossoms.  Turns out she's spunky and game and up for anything, and her cold little life expands.  And yes, there is a Parent Trap-y aspect to it, and yes, her mother is kind of a drip, but it is also a pretty realistic story, in terms of the parent's failed marriage (SPOILER - she was young, he was a war vet, and her overbearing mother and his insufferable sister wormed between them.  The mother could have used a backbone, the father could have used some compassion - though the book is more in the father's camp, for sure).  But mostly you get Jane, who is a dear.  And, like The Blue Castle (coming soon!) you have the thing where a former trodden down girl gets some spunk and stands up to her family bullies, which is a trope that I just ADORE.  Listen, if you haven't read Jane, read it! It's so great!!

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